Density Transmitter DuoSeries LB 475

DuoSeries LB 475 is the new radiometric density system from Berthold especially designed for the hydraulic fracturing and cementing industry. The measuring system DuoSeries stands out by a particularly excellent performance with high accuracy and repeatability of density as well as pounds proppant added.

The DuoSeries density measuring easily connects to the FracSENS LB 6770 detector and links directly to the customer control system. No calibration or difficult math has to be implemented in the data system. The density gauge is used to translate the measured count rate into the output values specified by the customer such as PPA, PPG or SGU either in low pressure or in high pressure applications.

The density transmitter is a state-of-the-art control unit with robust 3.5” TFT touch panel, powerful Dual Core CPU, and diverse operator interfaces. Operators benefit from the new simplified user-friendly interface where calibration is as simple as possible. Only two-points – a low and a high density, e.g. air and water – have to be acquired by the customer. Advanced self-diagnostics and monitoring features ensure a safe function of the system.

Operators also benefit from the new service functionalities like data logging, which can be accessed either remotely through Ethernet connection or through the USB port at the front panel of the system.